Electric Guitar construction


Just about everybody is familiar with the term  FENG SHUI – Concerning the flow of Qi (life force) through the universe, earth and all living things. I have taken the dutch word for nature (from my Dutch friends) and grafted it into this equation to sum up my own style of electric guitar construction. I have built my “Natuur Shui”  guitars with this uninterrupted flow of “Qi” in mind, as much as is practically possible, using natural plant based oil finishes, and hand crafting bone nuts and wooden pick guards & tremolo covers.


I feel that this approach allows the resonant integrity of all the elements of construction to flow through, resulting in a solid body electric guitar that has a strong clear and distinctive voice as well as a smooth and warm feel.   I spend many enjoyable hours writing my own songs etc… playing these guitars also unplugged in the songwriting process.          

I like to think that in using quality woods in the careful construction of a top quality guitar, I can honor and further enhance the life cycle and creative use of the materials.

REPLAY partscasters

These are quite simply my recycled, revised and re-crafted electric guitars.

I always keep a good eye open at guitar markets and online auctions for quality bits and pieces that I can build cool axes out of.

I enjoy matching these parts to achieve best fit and resonant integrity (vocal projection, clarity and balance,  even un-plugged) as well as a high consideration for classic good looks. I then upgrade the electronics to bring the much improved guitar back into a working life. This is a lot of fun to do over a few rainy weekends and offers interesting results, without breaking the bank.